My name is Rachel and I am a self-proclaimed craftaholic, obsessed with all things DIY. I'm known to hoard craft supplies of all types. Picking my favorite craft would be like picking my favorite kid. (Clearly, that just depends on the moment. Shh) 


I am not picky when it comes to crafts and I'll try just about anything. My favorites include paper crafts, vinyl, HTV, wood, hand stamped jewelry, and more. If I can use glitter or a hot glue gun its a bonus!


Speaking of kids, I have 4 little monsters. Two boys (11 & 7) and twin 4-year-old girls. I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend (their father) for the last 10 years. We live in Goodyear, AZ and will never ever move again. (Ask my friends about that comment) 


Thanks for hanging out with me! Let's get crafty! 

Hello, i'm Rachel

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